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Internet service refers to the provision of connectivity to the Internet for individual users or organizations.


TV services offer a variety of channels and programs that cater to different audiences, interests, and preferences.

Home Security

Home security systems provide peace of mind and protect against potential break-ins or burglaries.


Mobile service allows individuals to connect to communication, information, and entertainment on the go through their mobile devices.


Our packages are designed to simplify the installation & of various devices, enabling homeowners to control lighting, temperature, security, and other features.

Smart Home

Smart home service provides an automated and interconnected living experience by enabling the control of various household devices through a central system.


Home Phones

Stay connected with our reliable home phone service. Enjoy crystal-clear calls, convenient features, and excellent voice quality for all your communication needs.

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NetFlash is a leading smart home company specializing in creating innovative products and services that enhance how people live in their homes. NetFlash's team of experts is constantly working to develop cutting-edge technologies that enable homeowners to automate their homes and control every aspect of their living environment from anywhere in the world.

Their products include smart thermostats, lighting systems, security cameras, and other connected devices that allow users to enjoy the benefits of a fully automated home. With a focus on simplicity, ease of use, and affordability, NetFlash is dedicated to helping people transform their homes into intelligent, efficient, and comfortable living spaces.


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Home Security Plans Starts From $29/Month

24/7 Monitoring
Intrusion detection
Touchscreen control panel
Mobile app
Video security
Theft deterrent
Voice control
Stored video clips
Smart home automation
Vehicle protection

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300 MBPS Internet


500 MBPS Internet


1 GBPS Internet

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500 MBPS Internet


1 GBPS Internet


1 GBPS + Mobile

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500 MBPS Internet


1 GBPS Internet


2 GBPS Internet

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300 MBPS Internet


500 MBPS Internet


500 MBPS + TV

Unlimited Internet - No Deposit - No Upfront - Free Installation - No Contract


Save time and money, and get the package that fits your needs fast and easy.

Save time

With quick and accurate responses to all your queries, you’ll save time and be efficient.

Friendly support

Our support team is here to ensure that things run smoothly, so you can focus elsewhere.



Remotely control the aspects of your home with ease and simplicity.


What Our Customers Say About Us

"NetFlash has made my life so much easier with their integrated smart home solutions."

John Doe

"The peace of mind that comes with home security system is invaluable."

Sarah K.

"The best thing of NetFlash is that they are providing multiple provideres."

Micheal Peter

"Commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction."

David William

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